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Aging in LA and Braille Institute In Three Parts: 07-31-2009
The host is Paul Peterson (thatís right from the Donna Reed show be still my heart)

White Cane and Wheels is a non-fiction performance piece chronicling the day to day life of a disabled married couple.

LA440 Episode 107 - Le Caberet Aired Live : 01-03-2008
Carmen Apelgren, cabaret performer, joins David and Marit in celebrating the new year, and discusses her work at the Braille Institute in Los Angeles Solutions in Sight, Looking Good.
Everyone wants to make a good first impression, and just because your vision isn't as good as it used to be doesn't mean you can't look your best. Braille Institute offers many free classes to help visually impaired people to look and feel good using adaptive techniques. May 26,2009, Carmen Apelgren, Community Relations Program Coordinator at the Braille Instutute, addresses the Pomona Rotary Club.

USC Student Slideshow "Seeing through the fog" - Created by Carmen Apelgren and Daniel Doperalski

ABC News Update 08/06/2011: SOUND TRACKS
Silent cars save gas, but are they dangerous?

Carmen Apelgren singing "Sentimental Journey"
at THE M-BAR on October 11 2007

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